Steve Franklin

- Tell us a little about yourself...
I’m Sheffield born and bred. I’ve moved away a few times but have always come back. I currently own and co-manage Front Runner, a specialist independent running shop on Sharrow Vale Road. I got into the outdoors on my 7th birthday, when we went rock climbing at the Edge climbing centre (now closed). Since then I’ve climbed and mountaineered all over the world from the Himalayas to the deserts of the USA. I started running at the relatively late age of 20 and, rather bizarrely, started out as a road runner. It didn’t take too long for me to realise that I was much more comfortable on the hills and mountains, donning fell shoes.

- Where's your favourite outdoor spot in Sheffield?
I wish I was allowed to choose a different outdoor spot for each sport! It’s a cliche but I’d have to stay Stanage is one of my favourite spots. You’ve got bouldering, trad climbing, running over the top is wonderful, you can mountain bike through it and the views are spectacular.

- What, for you, makes Sheffield the ideal "Outdoor City"?
I finish work in 3 hours and 26 minutes. I have my climbing, running and biking kit in the car. In 3 hours and 36 minutes I could be doing any one one of those sports in an area that is world class! One factor that really cements Sheffield as a great outdoor city to me is the people. Growing up here I’ve seen the outdoor community grow and develop and I love that you’re able to find a secluded area where you’ll be totally alone but equally go to a venue where there’s a high chance you’ll know someone. In addition, Sheffield has so much going on, making it a wonderful place to live.