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Share your images of #TheOutdoorCity on Instagram

Over the last few months, we’ve been using the official The Outdoor City Instagram account to repost and share images taken by you, the people out there soaking up all that Sheffield has to offer.

We’d like to do more of this. In fact, we’d like to make The Outdoor City Instagram page almost entirely your photos. Every day, our woods, hills and valleys are explored and captured by people who love the outdoor life that Sheffield provides. What better way to demonstrate the city’s range of outdoor goodness?

How it works:
We don’t want to get hung up on rules and regulations, but we do need some sort of system for sharing photos. Here are three important things you need to know.

  1. We will only share photos that are tagged with #TheOutdoorCity. We’ll keep an eye on the hashtag and look for photos to share on the official account.

  2. We'll never share your images without permission. If we'd like to repost your picture, we'll comment on your post to check if it’s okay with you first. You are, of course, absolutely welcome to say no. But if you are happy for us to share your image, just a quick reply to the comment will do the job.

  3. If we share your image, we'll credit and link back to your profile by tagging you in it. We’ll make it clear that the photo is yours – not ours.

What’s in a picture?
Are we looking to share a specific kind of image? Not really. The aim is to really demonstrate what Sheffield has to offer as an outdoor destination. We live in such a unique and beautiful city – this is an opportunity for us to collectively show the world what Sheffield is all about.

We’d love to share a mix of pictures that show off Sheffield’s parks, woodlands, rivers, hills, and outdoor urban spaces too.

Ready to get started?
If you’d like us to feature your image on the official Instagram account for The Outdoor City, just tag your image with #TheOutdoorCity. And if you’re looking for inspiration, why not take a look at the hashtag to see what people have posted already? Gorgeous!

Photos in the image above by (in clockwise order from top left):


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