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Scavenger: giving worn-out climbing gear a happy retirement

Photo by Ladoza.

Sheffield is well known for its high quality manufacturing, and it’s only natural in the Outdoor City that some of the best designed products have come about when that expertise is combined with a passion for the outdoors.

Natalia Pearce is the woman behind Scavenger, a unique business that upcycles old climbing gear to create useful and beautiful alternatives to sending retired climbing gear to landfill.

Born and raised in Sheffield, Natalia climbed with her father at the iconic Stanage Edge from a young age and has been a keen climber all her life. She graduated with a degree in product design from Sheffield Hallam University and developed a passion for sustainable design, making high quality products out of waste materials.

It was a natural step to apply those principles to the world of climbing. Natalia explains that as well as being financially valuable, climbing gear has sentimental value. At the end of its useful life, it can feel hard to part with and is often kept in lofts and garages, or if it is thrown in the bin it just goes to landfill.

All these items have a story; they have been on adventures. By keeping the design simple but beautiful, Scavenger aims to create unique products that are easy to repair and are designed to last forever. In this way they are repurposed to continue their adventures.

Photo by Ladoza.

Photo by Ladoza.

All the products in the Crag Swag range are made and designed in Sheffield. They include dog collars, leads, belts, bags, and chalk bags made from retired ropes, carabiners, harnesses and slings. Scavenger can also create bespoke pieces, which have included coat hooks made from carabiners, and a mini climbing harness for a teddy! The products labelled Made in Sheffield are in demand – they're on sale in Switzerland and orders have travelled as far as Thailand and Croatia. Here, you'll find them in the Sheffield Makers Shop in the Winter Garden, The Famous Sheffield Shop, or online.

Scavenger works with Green Peak Gear to collect unwanted items. If you'd like to donate your old climbing gear, nearby collection points include Awesome Walls, The Foundry and Outside (details in our guide to Sheffield's climbing shops).

Written by Anna Paxton


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