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Wilderness trails and waterfalls in Lodge Moor

Photo by Gemma Thorpe.

Lodge Moor is a remarkable bit of wilderness, just four miles west of the busy heart of Sheffield. Hop on a bus in the city centre and within half an hour – past West Street's student bars, the University of Sheffield's campus, the leafy suburb of Broomhill – you can be up and out on its open moorland, the smell of pines at your nostrils, your eyes set on the reservoirs that glint between the trees.

That bus route is the number 51, and in 2011 Travel South Yorkshire handily put together a guide to trails starting at its Lodge Moor terminus. Trails that take in views across Rivelin Dams and Redmires Reservoirs, that chase waterfalls in the Wyming Brook nature reserve, that lead to the marks of first world war training trenches and a headstone that, according to legend, mysteriously makes a 360 degree turn one night each year.

Download the guide (not currently in print), pack a picnic, and take your pick from the many trail options: from the main 6 mile scenic loop to an enchanting Wyming Brook 3 miler across stepping stones and over bridges, with a few choose-your-own-adventure style detours to keep you coming back for more.

Written by Kathryn Hall



Start: Lodge Moor bus terminus, Redmires Road.
Distance: Trails range from 3 to 6 miles
Public transport: 51 bus.
Parking: Roadside on Redmires Road, S10 4LJ.
Yorkshire Water car park to south of Rivelin Dams.
Route map: Download full guide (PDF), published by Travel South Yorkshire.
Where to eat & drink: Pie and chips at The Three Merry Lads.
Ale and food, plus the occasional kite flying or stargazing event, at The Sportsman Inn.

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