Jacquie Budd

- Tell us a little about yourself...
I'm a freelance writer, specialising in outdoor activities (especially climbing, mountain biking and walking) for print, web copy, features and blogs. Much of my free time is spent in my extended back garden, the Peak District, and I love nothing more than sampling the many great cafes in the area after a day in the hills.

- Where's your favourite outdoor spot in Sheffield?
Does the Peak District count? It's hard to choose, but the countryside around Hathersage will always hold a special place in my heart. It's where I first started climbing and lots of my adventures still end with a cafe stop here. In the city centre, I adore the Winter Gardens (ok, I know it's not outdoors, but it's fabulous for some quick time out).

- What, for you, makes Sheffield the ideal "Outdoor City"?
Sheffield has the Peak District as a back garden, within easy access, right on the doorstep – and with incredible climbing, walking and mountain biking, what more could you want! Add in the world class climbing facilities within the city, need I say more.....