Brian McAlinden

- Tell us a little about yourself.
I've been climbing for 18 years and moved to Sheffield 10 years ago. Climbing has brought me to some beautiful places around the world and I'm lucky enough to combine my passion with my workday.

- Where's your favourite outdoor spot in Sheffield?
A difficult question! I do love putting on my climbing shoes as I sit below Burbage North as its only 15 minutes from my desk to this wonderful location. Closer to home I really enjoy the viewpoint over the city from Meersbrook Park. Watching the seasons change from here is always pretty special.

- What, for you, makes Sheffield the ideal "Outdoor City"?
It's the massive amount of opportunities (and possible adventures) that are available so close to home. From climbing on world famous crags, easy access to the Peak by road bike, to running out your front door into local green spaces – Sheffield has it all in abundance. I think it's very easy to forget (or not realise) how much Sheffield packs into a small space compared to so many other cities. Add into the fact that you can pack all this into one day and still be in your own home for dinner and its not hard to see why I'm still here!