Anna Paxton

- Tell us a little about yourself...
I am Anna Paxton, a trail runner, rock climber and general lover of being active outdoors in all seasons.

- Where's your favourite outdoor spot in Sheffield?
I’m from Sheffield and live just minutes away from the Peak District. Stanage Edge is my local crag and favourite outdoor spot and I run, climb, or walk near it almost every day.

- What, for you, makes Sheffield an ideal "Outdoor City"?
Sheffield is the ideal outdoor city because no matter how familiar it feels, there is always something new to discover. Through climbing, fell running and walking I learn more about my local area all the time.

With changing seasons and weather, the Peak District landscape never looks the same – but it always looks beautiful, and I want to be out there!

You can visit my website at and follow me on Twitter @alpsoutdoors.